Your Future Audience Is Looking For You

Our research reveals that the arts-seeking public would attend more live performances if only they could find what they are looking for more easily.

We have a solution. 

Living Artist Society (LAS), a community of artists and arts supporters, is creating an online destination dedicated to discovery of live performing, visual and literary arts events.

Artist members of LAS  receive affordable marketing support to build fan base, promote events and bring the arts to a wider audience.

  • Reach an audience who might not otherwise ever find you.
  • We put technology and data on your side.
  • Together we create a better discovery experience for all.

If you would like to be notified when the application period is open, please add your information to our wait list.



We share the audience analysis to help you plan the right performance for the right place and space.

Digital marketing is a challenge even for professional digital marketers.  

Don’t go it alone. We can help.



We handle the marketing, so you can reach beyond your current email list and social followers. 


Showcase your unique story and post your events on our site. We proactively drive prospective audiences to discover you.


We welcome artists of any discipline - music, visual art, poets, dance groups - anyone needing to promote an arts focused event or exhibit. 

We have no genre bias – in fact, the more diverse, the better.

Eligible artists are of professional caliber and must have high quality content (e.g. high res photos, video, sound samples, etc) appropriate for website and social publishing.


You receive access to create a profile and post events on our site. Our Drag-and-drop interface supports all common media types. Take advantage of EventBrite ticketing or link to the ticket platform of your choice. 



Applicants fill out a survey to tell us about your art and provide links to samples of your work.

We use this information to ensure high standards in performances and to inform our marketing strategies.

Once your membership is approved, here’s what happens:


LAS analyzes information from applicant survey responses to inform our marketing plans. We may also use your current email list* to develop "look-a-like" models that identify your prospective audience.



We utilize SEO and Social Media to attract and engage your prospective audiences. Analytic data generated from our marketing efforts enables us to guide audiences to discover and attend your performances.



We measure everything we do to continuously improve our results. We use the data to better understand what makes your audience engage. We share what we learn to help you grow your audience.


* LAS does not contact your list. We do not rent, sell or share data. 

Please see our FAQ's for more information.


Frequently, finding something is serendipitous. Too often, they give up and don’t attend at all.

(Survey of Public Participation in the Arts, National Endowment for the Arts and the U.S. Census Bureau)

"It's overwhelming digging through all this!" - Seth Parker, NY, NY

43.4 percent of U.S. adults or 106.8 million people attended at least one performing arts event last year.

Our independent research found that arts attendees, passionate for live events, spend hours searching online, standing in discount ticket queues, and traveling out of their way, for a meaningful arts experience.

We uncovered nearly 50 apps, sites and other media that come into play seeking out relevant events.

Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of Living Artist Society. By adding your name to our waiting list you are raising your hand to show support for this project and believe in its mission to bring live arts to a wider audience while helping artists build sustainable livings. 

We look forward to meeting you in the near future.


If you would like to be notified when the application period is open, please add your information to our wait list.


I caught the “bug” for the arts early on, studying both piano and ballet from the age of five. Despite the constant warnings that “you can’t make a living in the arts” I pursued it anyway. I followed the musical path right through a BM at Manhattan School of Music and graduate studies at Rice University. Accompanying and teaching became a gratifying way of life.

My musical life was full. My pocket-book, not so much.

Then serendipity hit. In dealing with the ‘business side’ of earning my keep, I discovered a new passion: using data and technology to solve problems. My obsession with coding culminated in a whole new career. I enjoyed several positions across a gamut of data and marketing services to a wide variety of clients.

Still, my heart was in the arts. With every new skill I acquired, I couldn’t help thinking how it could help artists overcome at least some of their practical matters of making a living. After a year of research and exploration I finally had my big “ah-ha”.

More people than I ever imagined are seeking the arts but thwarted by the discovery process, while talented artists, available in abundance, are going undiscovered. I could marry my love of the arts with my talent for data to help close this gap using the Living Artist Society online platform as our bridge. 

I hope you will join me in my quest to bring your work to an audience you have yet to reach.


Living Artist Society’s mission is to harness data and technology to bring live performing and visual arts to a wider audience while helping artists build sustainable livings.

- Wendy Talio, Founder

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